Building the David Bowie Syllabus

When David Bowie died, I conceptualized the #DavidBowieSyllabus as a means of curating interesting and scholarly work about his life, music, and contributions to culture.  But before I launched the page, I needed to find just the right photograph to represent the concept.

First, I took a series of photos of my David Bowie paraphernalia.

Wait a minute… I surely have more Bowie stuff than this.

I did have more stuff, plus I started buying the tribute magazines.

Finally found the arrangement of stuff I wanted, but my lighting was poor.

About three cool editing effects in PhotoShop later, I had the look I wanted. Plus, you can’t even tell this was taken on my bed. Can you?

Found the right font and added a few more effects so the image didn’t overpower the text, and there you have it.


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