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A Surprise Birthday Masquerade

My uncle was recently treated to a surprise birthday masquerade.  We had fun!


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Step Afrika! Step Xplosion – Ward 2

On Thursday, September 3, 2015, I attended Step Afrika’s “Brown Bag Lunchtime Performance” at the Pepco Edison Place Gallery, located at 702 8th Street, Northwest, in Ward 2 of DC.  It is part of a tour of all eight wards of Washington that kicks off the 2015-2016 performance season. My friend and honorary member of Gamma Xi Phi Christopher Brient was performing and I wanted to surprise him.  I also got to see my Alpha Phi Alpha brother, founder of Step Afrika C. Brian Williams.  I was just taking photos for personal use, but then I met John Stoltenberg, an arts journalist, and I agreed to share some of the shots with him.  Overall, I was pleased with how they turned out.  I do prefer my longer lens (200mm)–I guess I’m just a sucker for extreme closeups.



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A Going Away Brunch

A friend is headed to the middle east to continue her teaching career.  I was honored to be invited to shoot her farewell brunch.  Here are some images.


40 Years of Gratitude Gala

I was recently asked to sub for another photographer who had become unavailable for my friend’s gala celebrating her 40th birthday.  What a great time we had!  There was a little of America, the Caribbean, and Africa, in the attendees as well as the food and music.  This event reaffirmed my love for event photography.


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A Baby Shower

Since I wasn’t able to give my cousin a baby shower gift, I offered my photography services to her.  I enjoy taking pictures of that side of my family!